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Hosting Provider details


First things first is your PHP needs to be updated. I can only do this via your hosting provider. I did a quick check at and it seems that your account is with “Freethought”. Can you send me your login details for that please? If you can’t find them then do a password reset with your most commonly used e-mail address. I can see why you selected this company to host your site (





Updates and new plugins


So you need to have a lot of things updated on your actual site. Mostly this is a piece of piss but I will err on the side of caution and first make a back up of your site at your hosting provider level. I will then need to update WordPress and a number of plugins to get you going again.


I will add a couple of new plugins as well to help with site security and data protection compliance. As you don’t seem to be using jetpack I will add that also. This will help you identify your how many views you’re getting etc. and if you get to a stage where you want to be making money from ads then you will need to monitor your engagement.


Blog Sequencing


I will look at your post sequence and identify and resolve the issue. Shouldn’t be a huge ask but it may take some investigating.


Page Speed


Your page speed is pretty good as it goes so not much to do hear unless you have a burning desire to start loading more content such as HD video and images. Blog stuff is ok as is.


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