Full Setup Domain, Hosting & WordPress with Choice of Theme



Taking your ideas online needn’t be daunting. In a matter of days you can have your own website.

To help you get there LeaveToUs.com offer a full set up service which will provide everything you need to get started

Domain Registration

If you don’t yet have a Domain we can help you find one that is right for you. Domains can vary in cost dependant on popularity or uniqueness. Many cost as little as 99p.

If you already have a Domain, no problem. We can assign it to your new Web Hosting Provider.

Web Hosting

Taking your ideas online needn’t be daunting. In a matter of days you can have your own website.

There are a lot of hosting providers out there and we have been reviewing their ratings on reliability and performance so we can guide you but if you already have one in mind, that’s ok too.

We will set you up with a security certificate which will enable https:// so that users know that their data is secure and does help with your Google SEO rankings.

WordPress Installation

According to WordPress 30% of the web pages on the internet are built on their platform. It’s hardly surprising as it is an incredibly powerful foundation to build your site upon.

We will provide you with a clean installation of WordPress, introductory navigation training including admin functions. We will also ensure active backups are scheduled so that you can relax knowing that your site can be restored if the worst should happen.


WordPress Themes are preconfigured layouts that you can use to adjust the look and feel of your site. They usually come with widgets which allow you to display specific information in certain areas of your pages.

WordPress offers a number of free Themes to choose from as well as Premium Themes which will cost money. Typically in the $150 range.

When you have made a choice and are ready to go, we can get you started by configuring your new Theme to your preference. We will also show you how to do it.

Plugin Management

We will get you started with Plugins. Focusing on performance we will enable plugins to increase performance and reduce degradation such as database optimisation. We will make sure you are GDPR compliant – you will need a pretty strong reason not to use this.

Once we are all done, we will give you confirmation of your setup including all login details and URL’s (we will give you the passwords separately). We will advise that you immediately change all passwords.

The Content

That’s all you I’m afraid but you’ve read this far through so I think you will be ok.



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