About LeaveToUs.com

Who We Are

LeaveToUs.com was founded in 2020 by a small group of international business professionals who have spent almost 30 years working in the IT Industry focusing on application and process architecture across E-Commerce, Just in Time (JIT) field engineering installation management and automation of the Quote to Cash process in over 160 countries.

Professionally Personal

Each of us have been supporting a small community of bloggers, photographers and online stores in our spare time for several years and we decided to bring our professional approach so as to help individuals and small/Medium enterprises to establish their online presence or enhance what is in place today.

Where we add value

Our principal objective it to add value. We will offer clear and truthful advice and promise to always put your experience at the heart of everything we do.

Not adding value is the same as taking it away.


Our core offering is to get you up and running through Domain Management, Hosting & WordPress configuration

Domain Management

Where you are registering a new Domain or migrating an existing Domain. We can help make this process pain free.

Working with G-Suite, let us get your domain integrated and your gmail working.


We can offer an end to end service and everything in between. New Provider – Check, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – Absolutely, Contend Delivery Network – Of course. Backup Management – we always start with a backup


If you have a vision we can help make it come to life on WordPress. If you have a Theme we can install it. If you don’t we can take you through the options

30% of web pages are powered by WordPress. We can help grow that number.

Our commitment to you is that…

  • When you ask a question, we will give an impartial answer that best suits your situation.
  • Where we feel you are asking too much, we will tell you – nicely.
  • Where we think you could do more with what you have? We will highlight how and offer guidance as needed.
  • We do not pressure sell. We hate it as much as you do and pressure selling rarely leads to value.

Come to us as customers, remain with us as clients.