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In only a few hours LeaveToUs can provide you with your own site, a registered domain, web hosting and up to 5 web pages.

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About us

Domain Registration, hosting provider selection and setup and site configuration - We can do it all.

LeaveToUs are a group of colleagues who have spent many years designing and implementing web based solutions for a clients across 6 continents for a global IT company.

We also happened to share a common pastime which was helping our friends and families in establishing & maintaining websites, online shops and small business tools.

Realizing that there are thousands of people who have an excellent idea for a website but often lack the time or knowledge of where to start, in early 2020 we decided to use our skills and experience to help individuals, small & medium sized businesses as well as sports/social clubs make the move online with dedicated website.


To begin with, we will need to understand what your objective is so that we can understand the scope.  There is a big difference in effort between setting up a store and setting up a blog.

We usually start with hosting a video or voice call where we ask you to share your vision. We will ask you some leading questions to help us begin designing your unique website.

If you already have a design defined, share it with us and we will build to your design.

Our first commitment to you is that each of our solutions will be built around giving you the ability to maintain your site once deployed.

LeaveToUs use the WordPress platform as our base architecture, over which we utilise standard and premium themes and a range of approved plugins to build a site structure that meets your expectations. We only use tried and tested plugins from authorized sources to ensure that they perform as they should whilst ensuring that your audience enjoy a professional, fast and agile website when viewing your content.

Once we have completed our review and have answers to our questions, we will compile a custom design for you which we will ask you to review with us and give your input on. We will keep doing this until our design matches your requirements.

If you already have existing infrastructure, such as a domain or hosting provider, that’s okay. We will tailor this into our solution.

Once we have your commitment to proceed, we will schedule the build phase around you. It is important to us that you have visibility of developments as they occur.


We operate the Agile project management methodology which ultimately means that we will give you a clear indication of what will happen in the form of milestones and we will give you visibility to your test site so that you can see your vision coming to life. 


Once we have agreed on your preferred website design, we will share with you a schedule of the milestones that we’ll build your site against.
Where your input is needed – for example when we need your domain credentials or existing hosting provider details  we will let you know in advance so as to work around you but we will schedule time to discuss.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We will build your design in our QA environment where we will conduct functional testing to ensure that each aspect of your design works as intended.
When our QA build is completed, we will schedule a demonstration with you and take you through the site.

Migration to the live environment

Once we have a thumbs up from you, we will migrate the build to your very own Web Space and Domain.

Our intention is to get you to the start line with the best solution possible so that you can focus on getting noticed by your audience.

When our solution build is complete, we will take you through you new website and offer guidance and a few tips and tricks to help you on your way.

We will also provide you with a solution pack which contains the deeds to the site such as URL’s, usernames & passwords. We will transfer ownership of any domains we have supplied you and let you know of key dates to make note of such as hosting provider renewal dates.

 And that is it – YOU are online!!


It is over to you for the content but you are at the start line. The hard work is done now go focus on what you do best.

Not ready to do it alone yet? Don’t worry. We offer a range of after care options so if you are looking to add an online store, deploy a new theme or just want to know how things work LeaveToUs. We’ll get you where you need to be.

Customers Reviews

Here's what our clients say about my work.

LeaveToUs were central to helping me establish myself online with a website. They have helped me understand the best ways to manage my site and to get the most out of it. Without their input and support I would not have been able to make the move to becoming a full time blogger and photographer.
I engaged LeaveToUs to modernize my website when I realized that my existing provider were unable to achieve the outcome I was looking for. LeaveToUs went over and above to set up time with me, talk through options and then to upgrade AND configure my WordPress Theme.
When setting up our new business we recognized the importance of having a professional website that our clients would view. LeaveToUs went over and above to scope our requirements and provided us with a full website including Domain registration and Hosting provider setup within only 5 days.

We have helped the largest companies in the world to conduct business internationally.

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